She dreams and She gets – The Job at Piccosoft – Story of Akshaya – Junior Software Engineer at Piccosoft

Smitha Adarsh

VP - Piccosoft Software Labs India (P) Ltd

Posted On - 17 Apr 2023

‘’Right from my childhood days, I have always been a top scorer, quick learner, highly determined and focused girl. Apart from my studies, I used to participate in many competitions related to academics. I have won many prizes and I also secured very good marks in my 10th grade.’’

Let us hear what Akshaya, a Junior Flutter Mobile App Developer has to say about her. Although Akshaya has always been good at academics, in her 12th she secured average marks and lesser than her parents’ expectations. Due to this, she had to drop the idea of engineering studies and her father, who was furious with her told her to join BSc in Mathematics. Even if she was not at all interested in this course, she considered her father’s wish and joined.

Unfortunately, she discontinued college after a year as she had some health issues. After a few days, she again took up admission to another college located in Cuddalore. She couldn’t get into the same degree. Henceforth, she took up another degree course and this time it was BSc in Computer Science. She showed interest and learned and completed her degree by securing 90%. She also got awarded by the college as a top performer.

Then, she had an interest in pursuing her master's. It was difficult for her to convince her father about this. However, she was convinced as she had secured a good percentage in her BSc. She joined MSc in Computer Science and her parents agreed to support her and finance this degree.

‘’I secured 95% in my PG degree. My parents gained hope and confidence in me,’’ says Akshaya.

Akshaya with her Parents and Brother.       

After Akshaya completed her college, her parents started looking for a groom for her marriage. But she was not interested in getting married. She wanted to look for a job and establish a career for herself. She started looking out for a job through apps, through online portals and started applying, but no one responded to her applications. She started getting stressed when she was not finding a job.

One day she comes to Chennai to attend an interview at Velachery. She performs well and gets selected, but she was not satisfied as the job was not related to her educational background and profile. Then, she finds out about openings at Piccosoft.

“I went through Piccosoft website and I found it really interesting. I decided I have to join this kind of company. I felt, joining a company like Piccosoft will be very good for my career. I decided I will go and attend an interview there.’’

‘’I came to Piccosoft office and attended the interview. The HR told me that I need to learn more and prepare better. She said she will let me know if I’m selected or not.’’

On the same evening, Akshaya gets a call from the Velachery company, asking her to join the job the very next day. She gets confused at this point, about if she has to wait for the response from Piccosoft HR or join Velachery company. Because she still had Piccosoft in her mind and wanted to join here. 

‘’At that time, my intuition says, if you have a job and if you will work somewhere, that will be at Piccosoft.’’

The next day, she is waiting for a call from the HR of Piccosoft. She doesn’t get a call.

‘’I started fretting and started praying to God. And, after two days I got a call from HR of Piccosoft saying I got selected as Trainee Software Developer. God heard me and my eyes were filled with tears.’’

She joins Piccosoft as a POMP trainee and she successfully completes her training and gets on-boarded as Junior Software Developer in Flutter tech stack and Mobile App Development.

Akshaya working at Piccosoft Office.       

‘’ I really enjoy my job because I like the work culture here where employees are given the first priority. I also like the office atmosphere which is peaceful with no disturbance and pressure. I feel proud to say that I’m Piccosoft Employee’’

Akshaya also praises the POMP training, and the learning approach that is followed at Piccosoft, and she also feels the salary is competitive and she is happy with the work timings. She says, she also enjoys the festival celebrations that are conducted at Piccosoft, team outings, and fun Friday activities. She says, her life has been more peaceful and satisfying after she joined here.

She thanks the CEO of Piccosoft, Suresh Sekar, and says he is a good mentor and a guide. She also thanks all the Seniors for being with her and guiding her throughout.

Akshaya got her Secret Santa Gift from one of the Team  Leaders during the Christmas celebration.