LIFE AT Piccosoft

Congratulating on the Work Anniversaries boosts morale as the employee feels loved, cared and recognized at work place.

Connect With CEO

Once in a month or so, the CEO of Piccosoft Will have a direct conversation with Piccoites, discussing about his visions and ideas on company's growth strategies. The CEO believes that this is how all the Piccoites can align with his visions and work in sync towards achieving them.

Playing games with team membersPlaying games with other team members is one of the good ways for understanding each other better that will lead to better communication. At Piccosoft, we encourage employees to play games together in order to build a social bonding between them.

Playing games with team members

Festival Celebrations at Office

Festival celebrations at office creates informal environment. We believe, it is a perfect way to socialize and come together, and take some time off from the regular serious routine environment at office.

Packing Sweets for distribution

We decided to make the festival celebration more memorable and some of us together packed the sweet boxes ourselves to distribute to all the employees and our Clients.

Distribution of Roses and Chocolates

On Women's day, as a mark of respect, our Co-Director distributed roses and sweets to all the women employees.

Why Women's Day

Elevating, celebrating and amplifying the thirve that women do at work place, irrespecitve of any struggle, has to be be recognized and rewarded.

Setting up a Progressive Environment

A progressive environment encourages women's equality in the work place and we want every employee at our work place to realize that we value talent and hardwork more than anything.

Developer Meet up

On one fine evening, we organized a Developer meet up, where all the Developers shared their knowledge and experience in their current projects with each other.We believe this is important because each project throws a different challenge to the Developers. The approaches and solutions can be shared to other team members of other projects to update everybody to be ready for any challenges

Anniversary celebrations at office

Anniversary celebrations at office is absorbed on the auspicious day of Saraswati Pooja during Navarathri every year.The pictures include anniversary celebration at both Chennai and TVM Branch.

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