Employee Success Stories

Heart touching stories of Piccosoft Employees, who have achieved despite immense struggles.

Dream Chaser – Nithin’s IT Journey towards his success as Mobile App Developer at Piccosoft

"I express my gratitude to Piccosoft for believing in my potential to excel in coding and mobile app development. This valuable opportunity means the world to me, and I am committed to leaving no stone unturned in reaching great heights." Says Nithin –Mobile App Developer at Piccosoft.

From Chemical Engineering Crossing to the Wonderful Road of IT Career: Gowri Shankar's Journey of Success Through Perseverance.

Let us hear about this remarkable journey, where Gowri Shankar defied the odds, navigated through unexpected twists, and ultimately discovered the path to a successful career in IT. His story is a testament to the enduring power of determination and the belief that, no matter where you start, your journey can lead you to extraordinary destinations

A Village Girl's Resilient Journey: Overcoming Doubts, Finding Support, and Achieving Success in IT Career.

‘’After completing my master's degree in Computer Science, I decided to pursue a career in IT. When I told my Joint family members that I wanted to go to Chennai and find a job there, they strongly disagreed. They were worried about my chances of getting a job and being able to take care of myself. However, my parents believed in me and supported me completely. Thanks to their unwavering support, I am now working as an SDE - 1 at Piccosoft, and I'm proud of it.’’ – says Banu Priya.

A Software Development Engineer (SDE 1) at Piccosoft TVM proves his unique ability and how he stands out from others

''I have an honest opinion about the general interview process for Freshers in companies and I want to share. Each person is different and they will possess their own talent. But companies have a generalized way of testing Freshers. They conduct aptitude with math and reasoning questions. Although I have always been weak in math, I’m very strong in coding. I got rejected by many companies as they tested me in math and reasoning and I got rejected miserably. What I liked the most about Piccosoft is you people did conduct aptitude with math and reasoning in which I scored low. However, you tested me on coding and understood that I will be able to perform well in your company. I suggest every company change their way of testing and try to find a unique quality in every individual.'' says Jefri - SDE-1 at Piccosoft to HR Manager Deepa K.S.

Story of an empathizing and courageous boy, who lands with a bright IT career at Piccosoft

Maheswaran, Software Development Engineer (SDE 1) at Piccosoft narrates the story of his struggle. He hailed from Thiruchengode in Namakkal., Tamil Nadu. His dad is a lorry driver and his mom had a micro-scale home-based handloom business. He has an elder sister. He sets his mind on becoming a lorry driver post his Degree, empathizing with his mother suffering from illness and his father struggling to arrange finances for his wife's treatment.

A rural town girl from Tiruvannamalai rises and shines as a Software Engineer despite discouragements from her relatives.

''I put my feet down and told my parents and relatives that I'm passionate about engineering degree in computer science and I want to become an IT engineer. I'm grateful that my parents did not get influenced by my relatives’ words and they trusted me and admitted me to SKP engineering college in Tiruvannamalai''

A Bold, Confident Young Girl from Rural Town lands a Good Career with Bright Future in IT Field

‘’I’m the first person in my family to have a proper salaried job with Perks and Benefits, PF and ESI.’’ – says Pavithra – Software Development Engineer (SDE 1) at Piccosoft, Tiruvannamalai Branch.

A story of a girl from Neyveli, who sets the best example for focus and dedication at work that can take anybody to great heights in career

‘’If a person has to succeed in their career, apart from a good company and a good boss, full support from the family is also important. This is even more true when it comes to girls in our country. Vijayalakshmi is one such girl from Piccosoft – a NodeJS Back End Developer, who hails from Neyveli in Tamil Nadu.’’

A boy from a rural village – Melsolankuppam near Javvad Hills - Tiruvannamalai district joins as Software Development Engineer (SDE 1) at Piccosoft

'’This boy realizes the value of education after his 12th and that becomes the turning point in his life. From there, he constantly struggles, irrespective of financial difficulties that his parents had and completes his BCA and MCA degrees and lands a job in Piccosoft. Let us now read the story of Loganathan and learn about his inspiring journey that destined do Piccosoft.’’

Despite several hardships and unfortunate events in life, this Girl rises and shines with a bright career

"Usually in my family, Girls are got married after their 10th or 12th Grade. As I was a bright student, and a topper in my 10th and 12th, back at my home I was encouraged by my parents to earn a degree, do a job and establish a great career for myself. However, this journey was not easy for me as I underwent several unfortunate events in life and also had to go through many hardships - Dhivya Nagarajan, BU Head, Piccosoft Software Labs.’’

A Proud Mother narrates the Success Story of her Son – Employee of Piccosoft – Abdul Muthalif

"First degree holder in their family – First person in the family to get a job in an IT Company.The entire Management team at Piccosoft is proud about Abdul and congratulates him on his success journey of First Graduate in his family and a bright career in IT field.’’

A highly determined Girl focused on Engineering and IT Career joins Piccosoft as Junior Software Engineer

‘’My Family wanted me to pursue medicine after my 12th. Another choice that was given to me by my family is a Masters in Arts or Science. I was not interested in both of these. I always dreamt of an Engineering degree and an IT Career. I had to go out of my way to convince my parents about this. Finally, I do it and I land in Piccosoft as a Software Development Engineer (SDE 1).’’

How a Girl from Civil Engineering Background lands a Perfect Career in the Information Technology Stream

"Right from my childhood days, I was always told that my aim should be to land a Government Job after my studies. I completed my studies in Civil Engineering and was trying to find a Government Job in the same field. I was under a myth that Government Job is what settles one’s life. I wasted by 2 years after my Engineering studies in hunt for a Government Job. I’m happy that I finally found and landed my dream IT career at Piccosoft" – says Suganya – QA Tester in Tiruvannamalai Branch.