A rural town girl from Tiruvannamalai rises and shines as a Software Engineer despite discouragements from her relatives.

Smitha Adarsh

VP - Piccosoft Software Labs India (P) Ltd

Posted On - 12 Dec 2022

''I put my feet down and told my parents and relatives that I'm passionate about engineering degree in computer science and I want to become an IT engineer. I'm grateful that my parents did not get influenced by my relatives’ words and they trusted me and admitted me to SKP engineering college in Tiruvannamalai''

We all know that during March 2020, the Government declared a lockdown. Schools, Colleges, and offices got closed. Most of us went to online mode of working and learning. Also, many lost jobs during this crisis. During this incident, Madhumitha was studying in 3rd year engineering in SKP College, Tiruvannamalai. She was thrown rants from her relatives that she has wasted her parent’s money in her engineering course. They said, while many are losing jobs during covid crisis, how can she be sure about establishing a career in IT. Also, when she is aware of her situation that she will not be allowed to move to bigger cities for the job, then, she stands zero chance of getting a job.

After Madhumitha completed 12th, although her parents wanted her to become an Engineer, her immediate relatives discouraged Madhumitha and her parents. They advised Madhumitha's parents to get her admitted to an ordinary BSc degree. She being a girl cannot be sent to Chennai or any other bigger city for a job, by staying away from her parents. However, seeing the passion of Madhumitha, her parents encouraged her and made her admission at SKP College of engineering in IT branch.

Madhumitha - With her Parents

When things were moving smoothly, during COVID-19, as the Government imposed lockdown, Madhumitha was at home and she started getting jeered by her relatives saying, she didn't stand any chance of getting IT jobs anymore. That is because many are losing jobs due to the crisis in the country. Also, she cannot travel anywhere outside of Tiruvannamalai for jobs. So, she has only wasted her parents’ money by joining an engineering degree that will not come in any use for her.

Disheartened Madhumitha decided that she had to get a job for herself. She will not care whether it is an IT job or any other job. She will do a job to earn money and repay the fees paid by her parents. So, she started attending online campus recruitment drives. She also got placement in some of the BPO companies (non-IT). Then, one fine day, she happens to hear the news that an IT company is opening in her town Tiruvannamalai - Piccosoft Software Labs. Used to the habit of attending every interview and trying to grab every opportunity that comes on her way, Madhumitha attended the interview at Piccosoft. She aced the 3 rounds of the interview process and got selected. She then joins Piccosoft, completes her POMP (Project onboarding Mentorship Program), and becomes an SDE-1 at Piccosoft.

Working from her desk at Piccosoft office

I'm happy about my achievements. I had still not completed my degree when I got this job at Piccosoft. I got to join work at Piccosoft before completing my studies. Also, during my exams, Piccosoft granted me leave to prepare for my exams and attend them. I'm glad that I joined job before completing my degree.''

She also says to HR Manager of Piccosoft - Deepa K.S, ''Ma'am, I not only completed my studies and established my dream career in my own home town, but also I proved my relatives' perspectives about me – as a myth.''

Receiving her offer Letter after her POMP.