Despite several hardships and unfortunate events in life, this Girl rises and shines with a bright career

Smitha Adarsh

VP - Piccosoft Software Labs India (P) Ltd

Posted On - 29 Apr 2022

"Usually in my family, Girls are got married after their 10th or 12th Grade. As I was a bright student, and a topper in my 10th and 12th, back at my home I was encouraged by my parents to earn a degree, do a job and establish a great career for myself. However, this journey was not easy for me as I underwent several unfortunate events in life and also had to go through many hardships - Dhivya Nagarajan, BU Head, Piccosoft Software Labs.’’

This is the story of Divya Nagarajan – Business Unit Head at Piccosoft Software Labs. After several struggles, she rises and shines with a bright career and respectable designation at Piccosoft.

Divya being awarded for her excellency at work by Suresh Sekar - CEO of Piccosoft

Right from her childhood days, Divya had always been a top scorer, a quick learner and a highly determined girl. She was passionate about becoming a doctor. She worked hard during her 10th and 12th and had every potential to get into medical studies and fulfil her dreams of becoming a doctor. However, she missed to get a merit seat in a government medical college by 2 marks. And, Divya’s parents were not in a financial position of affording a private medical college, although she stood high chances of getting into those. Divya’s father was a driver in Sengunthar Institutions and mother was a weaver.

During these times with her being fully focused on medical seat, she did not attend her engineering counseling. Apparently, she lost her chance of a seat that she would have surely got in one of the Government engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu.

Now, after she had missed her chances of medical as well as engineering seats in government colleges, her father, who was working as a driver in Sengunthar Institution in Thiruchengode, consoled Divya saying that, he will try to get in touch with the Principal and make a request for if he can get a seat in Sengunthar college of Engineering for Divya. Now finally, a silver lining gets drawn around the dark clouds of Divya’s life. The principal, after listening to the story, says to Divya’s Father, he can definitely grant her a seat and also try to waive off her tuition fees to the maximum extent possible, considering that she is a topper in 12th and the entrance exam.

Divya’s Father comes home and tells this good news to Divya. Divya gets all set for attending a counseling session at Sengunthar on the next day. To get things ready, she piles up her marks sheet and places an iron box on it, so that they don’t fly away in air. Someone at home, instead of switching on the light, by mistake, they switch on the iron box switch. But, after realizing that they switched on the wrong switch, they do switch on the light, but forgets to switch off the iron box switch. You can imagine the plight now. All her efforts, intelligence and her talent that was documented on those papers, get completely burnt in few seconds.

Divya and her father see this and they get shocked to the extent of death. Divya’s father, who had immense love for Divya feels bad about this accident and pity for Divya; whatsoever, doesn’t get his heart broken. He consoles Divya that they can apply for the duplicate marks’ sheets. He will request the principal for some more time until they can get these done.

Divya with her husband - Surya I Divya with her Father - Mr. Nagarajan

Finally, she gets her duplicate marks sheets and attends the counselling in Sengunthar and gets an engineering seat for ECE branch of engineering study.

During her final year of study, when it is the time when some of the top Indian companies come to the Sengunthar campus to conduct campus recruitments, Divya gets a job in Polaris BPO. She gets one offer in her hand. Post that, Piccosoft Software Labs conducts a campus recruitment drive in Sengunthar and Divya attends this.

Divya aces her interview and Piccosoft’s recruitment team will be happy to offer her a job at Piccosoft and hands over the provisional offer letter to Divya. Now, Divya will be in a confused state, if she has to accept the offer from the Polaris BPO or Piccosoft, which is an IT company that can offer her the opportunity to land a career in IT field as a software engineer.

‘’I was in a total dilemma, if I have to take up the job in Polaris BPO or Piccosoft. This is when my childhood best friend – Surya guides me. He says, I should take up the job in Piccosoft and IT career is more promising than a job in a BPO sector. I trusted him, I felt that he is the best person to show me the right path and I finally made the right decision to take up the job in Piccosoft. I even today thank Surya for his support that he gave me at the right time, that entirely changed my future.’’

Divya finally joins Piccosoft and this is when she feels that finally she has found her perfect career in the right company. While she is happy about this, another sorrowful incident occurs in her life. Divya’s father gets diagnosed with cancer and he reaches the stage, where he cannot work anymore. So, with God’s grace, although it is a sorrowful moment, Divya thanks God that she got a job, at the right stage of life, when her father needed this support with his cancer treatment

Being from a ECE background, Divya was initially weak in coding. However, being a determined girl, which is her attitude right from her child hood days, she makes up her mind to perfect herself in coding.

Divya - on her desk at Piccosoft Chennai office

‘’I stayed in office, even after 8 PM at night, and I would ask somebody or the other senior in office, if they can help me with my struggle areas. I spent until late nights googling on different code structures. Being a bold girl, directly contacting my seniors with my doubts was never a struggle for me. I never cared what they thought about me. I used to even ask silliest of silly doubts. Because, my aim was to just ace this area and nothing else.’’

Surya has not only been her good childhood friend, but also a person with devoted love towards Divya. He marries Divya in the year 2018 and becomes a supportive life partner to her. He encourages Divya to follow her passion in coding and encourages her to grow in Piccosoft.

She once during a conversation says to our HR Manager – Dheepa K.S. – "Suresh Sir, our CEO of Piccosoft has always been a good guide and mentor for me and it is because of him, I have made through this journey from a Software Development Engineer (SDE 1) in 2016 to BU head in the year 2020. I couldn’t have dreamt of this success in my life if I was not in Piccosoft and I consider myself fortunate to have landed in the right company. And, Surya is a perfect life partner, who supports me morally and emotionally, fills strength in me and motivates and encourage me to work hard and move forward in my career.’’

All of us at Piccosoft considers Divya as one of our inspirations and we applaud her boldness and determination and her nature of being tough in overcoming all the difficulties.