A highly determined Girl focused on Engineering and IT Career joins Piccosoft as Junior Software Engineer

Smitha Adarsh

VP - Piccosoft Software Labs India (P) Ltd

Posted On - 20 Dec 2021

‘’My Family wanted me to pursue medicine after my 12th. Another choice that was given to me by my family is a Masters in Arts or Science. I was not interested in both of these. I always dreamt of an Engineering degree and an IT Career. I had to go out of my way to convince my parents about this. Finally, I do it and I land in Piccosoft as a Software Development Engineer (SDE 1).’’

This is the story of Yuvasri, who joins as a POMP Trainee at Piccosoft TVM branch. She narrates her story of her successful establishment of IT career.

Yuvasri with her Parents

Yuvasri was a bright girl as a student. Considering that she is good in academics, her parents wanted her to become a Doctor. However, Yuvasri was always passionate about pursuing Engineering. After her 12th, she was given a choice by her parents – either she can go for medicine or she can do BSc-MSc or BA – MA. In their family, her parents and other elder relatives never encouraged girls to pursue engineering and career in IT field.

Yuvasri, being a bold and determined girl, and also being passionate about Engineering field and IT career, took a bold step, put her feet down and told her Parents that she wants to join engineering, after her 12th. She convinced her parents about her passion and joined Engineering in her own town.

After completing Engineering, she wanted to join a job in IT field. However, her parents weren’t comfortable in sending the girl into IT field. All her relatives and other elders in her family opposed her in this decision.

This is where, we can evidence how determined and firm Yuvasri is. Despite several oppositions from her family, she took another bold step of attending the interview at Piccosoft. She thought, she can easily convince her parents as Piccosoft has a branch in her own home town and at least she need not have to travel anywhere outside of the town for a job in an IT company.

There is a popular quote – ‘’Follow your Own Passion - Not Your Parents', Not Your Teachers', - Only Yours.’’- Robert Ballard. Yuvasri is the best example, who has lived up to this quote.

She attends the interview at Piccosoft. She clears three rounds of stringent interview process – General Aptitude Test, Face-to-Face technical round of interview and HR round and joins as a POMP trainee. She successfully completes her POMP training and becomes Software Development Engineer (SDE 1) at Piccosoft.

Project Manager - Arul - handing over the offer Letter to Yuvasri

Also, she says to Piccosoft’s HR Manager – Dheepa K.S – ‘’Ma’am, I never wanted to come in the influence of my relatives. I have always been independent in taking decisions in my life. I always dreamt of following my passion and interest. I decided to go against everyone in the family to pursue my passion. Today, here I’m with a successful career in IT field, in an office in my own home town. I thank you and Piccosoft for this opportunity.’’

Yuvasri - Working from office

All the staffs and Management members of Piccosoft congratulate Yuvasri and highly regards her to be one among those people, who follow their passion, irrespective any struggles in life.