A Village Girl's Resilient Journey: Overcoming Doubts, Finding Support, and Achieving Success in IT Career.

Smitha Adarsh

VP - Piccosoft Software Labs India (P) Ltd

Posted On - 20 Jul 2023

‘’After completing my master's degree in Computer Science, I decided to pursue a career in IT. When I told my Joint family members that I wanted to go to Chennai and find a job there, they strongly disagreed. They were worried about my chances of getting a job and being able to take care of myself. However, my parents believed in me and supported me completely. Thanks to their unwavering support, I am now working as an SDE - 1 at Piccosoft, and I'm proud of it.’’ – says Banu Priya.

In a small village near Pudukkottai, there lived a young girl named Banu Priya. Her parents are farmers and they work hard to make ends meet. Banu Priya has a younger brother who is in his final year of B.Com. Banu Priya has always lived in a large joint family with her mother's brothers, making a lively household of twenty people.

Although her village didn't have modern facilities, Banu Priya was a studious girl who loved learning. She did well in her 10th and 12th grades.

‘’My village lacked even the most basic modern facilities that I did not have direct access to my 10th exam results. I had to rely on a relative near my school to inform me about my results. When they told me I scored a perfect hundred in science, I was amazed and found it hard to believe.’’

As the news of Banu Priya’s centum in science subject spread among her family, they encouraged her to become a doctor and advised her to take the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET). Intrigued by biology, Banu Priya decided to follow their advice and chose the science stream with Biology for her 11th and 12th grades. She attempted the NEET exam twice but got a disappointing rank both times. Now she had to decide whether to pursue computer science, which interested her, or keep trying for a medical career. She was in a dilemma. 

Banu Priya with her Parents, who have always been with her during all times of her struggles.       

Interested in information technology, Banu Priya wanted to pursue studies in the field. However, she felt uncertain and confused. She got admission to study Bachelor of Arts in English without much thought and joined a hostel to continue her studies. But soon, she realized that it wasn't aligned with her true passion. Determined to pursue her dreams, she made the brave decision to leave the English program and join a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in Pudukkottai. Banu Priya completed both her B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in the field.

After finishing her master's studies in Computer Science, Banu Priya felt the urge to gain practical experience in the IT industry. However, her joint family strongly opposed the idea, worried about her ability to find a job in Chennai and manage herself independently. Despite their discouragement, Banu Priya's father believed in her abilities and supported her fully.

To prove herself, Banu Priya decided to stay with her relatives in Chennai and attend job interviews. Her mother accompanied her to Chennai. Banu Priya faced rejection after rejection over three visits, each lasting ten days. She got rejected by 20 companies for her not having enough technology knowledge and poor communication skills. Her relatives mocked her lack of success, but her parents always supported her unwaveringly.

‘’I overheard a relative in Chennai saying that I don't have the skills to find an IT job there. They thanked God that they didn't recommend me anywhere because it would have been embarrassing for them. It hurt me. But my mother supported me wholeheartedly. She always accompanied me to Chennai and stood by me. Despite what my relatives said, I decided not to let it bother me and kept searching for a job, believing that I would eventually achieve my goals.’’

On her 21st interview, Banu Priya decided to try her luck at Piccosoft. Although her relatives doubted her, she felt confident as she had prepared well for technical questions. Accompanied by her supportive mother, she entered the interview room with determination. While her relatives had belittled her, claiming she would be rejected for any job opportunity, her parents remained a constant source of support.

As she anxiously prayed for success, the phone rang. Dheepa K.S., the HR Manager at Piccosoft, delivered the long-awaited news that Banu Priya had been selected for the position. She was overjoyed and joined the company for the POMP training program. Excited to start her professional journey, she searched for a suitable hostel near Chrompet, where the company was located.

Captured this moment while Banu Priya was engrossed in her work and we had to call her out for a pose.       

Once she secures the job, Banu Priya purchases clothes for her parents as a token of gratitude for their constant support. She describes this moment as the proudest in her life, as it instilled a deep sense of confidence within her, proving that she was capable of achieving even greater things.

‘’That moment was heart-touching for me. When I gave them the clothes I purchased for them from my first salary, my father’s eyes were filled with tears. Looking at that my mother and I also became emotional.’’

As she began her career, Banu Priya faced self-doubt at times. However, one day, she overheard a conversation between Dheepa KS and another colleague. Dheepa mentioned Banu Priya's name as an example of someone who had shown significant improvement despite initial struggles. This overheard conversation boosted her confidence.

Banu Priya expressed to Dheepa, the HR Manager, "Ma'am, when I was questioning my choices and lacking confidence in my performance, I happened to overhear you using me as a perfect example to inspire someone else. It turned out to be a hidden motivation for me, and it encouraged me to continue pushing forward on my journey”.

A Selfie Moment that Banu Priya captures with her Co-Workers.       

Banu Priya shares her short-term goal with Dheepa, the HR Manager, saying, "Ma'am, as a gesture of love and gratitude towards my mother, who has supported me through all my challenges, I have set a goal to buy her a gold chain. Currently, she wears her ‘Mangala sutra’ on a simple yellow thread as her 'Mangala sutra'. I thank my cousin for this idea as he also gifted his mother with a gold chain from his initial months’ salary money.’’

She also learned important lessons from her seniors, who emphasized the importance of not just working for a salary but being dedicated, striving for quality work, and aiming for excellence.

Banu Priya says, ‘’Ma’am, when I newly joined here, I did not know how to compose an email. When I had to apply for leave and asked you about it, you told me to send an email to you stating the same. I did not have any idea how to compose a leave and took the seniors' help for that. Today, I’m happy that I’m able to compose emails. Along with technical skills, I also learned communication skills at Piccosoft and I feel happy and proud about it.’’

Growing up in a close-knit joint family, Banu Priya values the bond she shares with her relatives. Their companionship during her early years has shaped her desire to live in a joint family in the future. However, being away from home in Chennai makes her feel homesick. Every morning before leaving for the office and every evening after returning home, she calls her family, which gives her a sense of connection and comfort.

Despite the challenges and skeptics, she faced on her journey, Banu Priya remains grateful for her parents' unwavering support. They remind her that true support comes from those who genuinely care, regardless of their education or occupation. As she continues to grow in her career, she carries the resilience and determination that have led her to success, always striving to make her loved ones proud and uplift those around her with her spirit.

All the employees and the Management Staff of Piccosoft wish Banu Priya more success and achievements moving forward. 

Banu Priya received her gift from Secret Santa during the Christmas celebration.