Our Piccoites participated in various activities like Ziplining, Boating, Trekking, Adventurous Activities and many more at Wayanad

Our Piccoites put in their full dedication and sincerity in our Clients' projects. They are never tired of working as they are passionate about what they do. They are the sole reason for the success of our Client's projects. We're happy they enjoyed every moment during this holiday and they indeed deserved it. 

During the train journey from Chennai to Wayanad.       

There are a number of ways to boost morale at work. Campfire activity is one such. The campfire activity during our trip to Wayanad, Kerala became a perfect engagement strategy that provided an opportunity for Piccoites to express themselves and build camaraderie. 

Team bonding is highly important for the best result at work. Only when the team comes together in an environment outside of their routine, do they become more explorative and they get to know each other in a better manner. Wayanad's trip became the perfect platform for stronger bonding. 

The Team gets together in fun-filled and friendly moments.

Employees do deserve a break, enjoyment, fun, and frolic after a year of hard work. We appreciated a few Piccoites, who put in their 100% in their work We wanted to gift them with some memorable moments that can bring happiness and smiles on their faces.